- Melody Tanner

I can’t say enough good things about this place. For years I thought having to wear hair would be the worst case scenario. That I’d feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. I went in to Jentis not knowing what to expect, but holding out hope for something that’d give me back my confidence. And my experience there, as well as the quality of the hair, exceeded any expectation I had. Curtis is so kind and welcoming. You can tell he does his job because he truly wants to help people. He will answer any questions you have, and will find the right hair for you. Maria is so sweet as well, she will help you style your hair and teach you how to care for it. I was nervous going in, but was treated like family. And now I have back the hair that used to be mine! Hair loss is a tough journey, and for the first time in several years I feel positive about the whole experience. Because now my hair is gorgeous! I encourage anyone dealing with hair loss, man or woman, go for a consultation. You won’t regret it!




 - Haley C.

"If I could give Jentis more than 5 stars, I WOULD! They are without a doubt the "Rolls Royce" of hair salons. When I was diagnosed with Alopecia I #1 had no clue what it even was and #2 didn't know the first thing about wigs. I had many disappointing trips to wig shops where I would leave in tears after not having been treated with respect in addition to feeling like everything I would ever find would look like a wig. That changed when I found Jentis! Not only do they offer the best of the best when it comes to products but they are the most helpful, respectful, grace filled people my husband and I have ever worked with. The 2 friends who came with us said, "We want to go back just to hang out!". That is how amazing these people are. Curtis is helpful, kind, funny, and understands how difficult hair loss can be. The same can be said for Rosie! She is extremely knowledgable, caring,and the sweetest soul. They don't just send you home with a wig, they empower you with the knowledge on how to care for your new HAIR. Hair loss is an emotional process, go to a studio that will treat you with respect. Jentis is that Studio!"



"Curtis and his team deserves 10 stars! They were very hospitable and knowledgable. I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks again for a job well done."

- Chris T.

"I cannot thank you enough fro everything that you have done for me. I came to you on referral from Follea's 80 number on their website, not knowing anything about your business or services, and I honestly did not know what to expect when I stepped foot in your door. Curtis, you were welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the start. It is a breath of fresh air to come to a business, meet the owners, have them invest time in you, and then leave knowing that you were truly cared for, not just served as a customer. It is not everyday that you meet people who are as excited about their business as you guys are, and it really does show in the way you treat people. 

I have suffered from Alopecia for 15 years and I have never responded to any treatments at any doctor I've been to, so I was in a desperate place. For the past 2 years my Alopecia has been more aggressive than before. It is a scary place to be to know that, as a woman, the accessory that you wear everyday is slowly falling out. As new spots developed I chemically straightened my naturally curly hair and eventually lightened my hair to hide the bald spots. I did not feel like myself.

When Curtis put a wig on my head, I was secretly thinking that I was going to hate everything about it- that it was not a good option for me. BUT, when I looked in the mirror, I was taken back because I saw myself again in the reflection, not a girl who died her hair to cover up bald spots. It was an emotional experience for me. You renewed a sense of hope and security that I have been lacking for 15 years. How can you repay someone who touches your life in such a way? "THANK YOU" is not enough! And it is an adjustment, but it has been so easy and I have had a great response from my family and friends. The best part is I have perfect hair everyday :)

So even though I fell like it is not enough, THANK YOU for everything you are doing- not just for me, but for every other customer who walks through your door as well."

- Becky b. 

"I would like to take the opportunity to say how wonderful this place is. You will be treated like family and will have all you questions answered. Curtis is a wonderful person who is really in this profession because he cares genuinely for people and wil ltreat you with such respect. Thank you Jentis Studios for all of your help."

- Kimberly R.

"My experience at Jentis Studios couldn't have been better. I was incredibly nervous my first time going, mostly because I had never considered this option for my Alopecia Areata. Curtis and Jennifer were incredible friendly, helpful, uplifitng, and accommodating both on the phone and in person. I never felt rushed into any decisions, and they were willing to help me with whatever conclusion I came to. I had a consult with Curtis on a Friday and he was able to order and ship the Follea products I wanted to try within two days. When I came back ,Curtis explained to me in detail how to care for my hair systems and how to wear them. One of the stylists even washed, conditioned, and styled the exact system I bought while I was in the studio so that I could learn exactly how to make it look its best everyday. I am incredibly happy with my experience at Jentis Studios, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a solution for his or her hair loss."

- Melanie l. 

Every part of my experience with Jentis has been amazing. I could not have asked for a better experience in any capacity. The studio itself is lovely, Curtis, Carmen, and Deena (the only people I met while there) were all kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. I felt like my "friends" were helping me as opposed to a business serving me as a client. Jentis was highly recommended to me by a friend and now I am please to pay that recommendation forward. Go for a consultation if nothing else, as they do not put pressure on you to buy or do anything you aren't sure about. Having such a wonderful experience with Jentis made a very emotional process much nicer and for that I am grateful!

- Erica S.